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Stress Busters Success Tips

  • Define success for your own family!

  • Ask for help! The Autism-Pittsburgh Support Group can be a source of positive help for you.

  • Build on your child’s strengths! Remind yourself daily of their progress – and yours!

  • Use sensory activity! – for you and your child.

  • Do you yourself need calming or stimulating activities! Get outside! Physical activity and fresh air are invigorating.

  • Connect to your sense of wonder! The littlest things like baking cookies, blowing bubbles or watching a waterfall together can be so positive.

  • Play to your and your child’s temperament! Consider that they may prefer to be quiet or alone during stressful times.

  • Keep track of schedules and stress markers! – helpful in preventing more stress down the road.

  • Remember the value of standing with your child! Never give up on advocacy!

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