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Since 1967, Autism-Pittsburgh has been the foremost voice and resource of the local autism community. We are comprised of volunteers, parents and professionals, working on behalf of all children and those of adult age on the autism spectrum.


Our mission in the greater Pittsburgh area is to advocate, support, and provide comprehensive information on care, treatment, education, and habilitative services for individuals with autism spectrum disorders, as well as their families and professionals. We strive to foster the expansion and excellence of service options, offering unbiased information to reduce or overcome autism-related challenges. Additionally, we aim to support the growth of autism-involved parents, families, and professionals by sharing relevant information on autism spectrum disorders.

Welcome to Autism Pittsburgh, we offer valuable guidance and connections for parents and professionals seeking information on


Our Chapter's aim is to support the growth of parents and professionals by sharing comprehensive information on autism spectrum disorders. While we can't replace your role, we strive to empower both parents and professionals with the knowledge needed to evaluate and choose services that enhance the growth and development of individuals with autism spectrum disorders.


Our approach to raising awareness for autism involves providing valuable resources and programs to support families. We strive to create a community that is well-informed about autism and equipped with the necessary tools to navigate the challenges. Through education and accessible programs, we aim to empower families, fostering understanding and acceptance for individuals with autism.

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