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The initiative aims to connect them with companies appreciating their unique contributions and talents.

"Creating employment opportunities. Changing lives."

CAI Neurodiverse Solutions 

Autism2Work Initiative

Watch the Autism2Work Video:

Autism-Pittsburgh has recently partnered with Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI) to assist with the Autism2Work initiative in the Pittsburgh area.  This program primarily supports semi-skilled to high functioning individuals on the spectrum who are eager to enter the workforce with a company that will appreciate the contributions and talents they have to offer. 

CAI's Autism2Work overview flyer states, "CAI has pioneered a recruiting, onboarding and training model that bridges the gap between those on the Autism Spectrum and meaningful employment, ultimately bringing an untapped talent pool into the workplace for our clients. CAI manages the recruiting, selection, training, cultural integration, on-the-job supervision, skill development and performance management of Autistic team members. We can support team members on the client site or host the work at one of CAI’s locations. This provides an opportunity for our clients to tap into this pool of talent quickly without the upfront investment or time constraints for implementation of the required support structure."  To view the Autism2Work overview, click here.

CAI is one of the largest employers of individuals diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum in the U.S.  For more information on CAI's Autism2Work program, click here to visit their website.

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