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Autism Pittsburgh

Welcome to Autism Pittsburgh, we offer valuable guidance and connections for parents and professionals seeking information on diagnosis, care, treatment, education, medical, and habilitative services.

We Provide
  • Information and referral to parents and professionals about diagnosis, care, treatment, educational, medical and habilitative services.

  • Solicit funds to help support these programs to the maximum extent possible.​

  • Names of facilities and individuals locally who can provide such services to those with autism spectrum disorders and their families.

  • Advice and guidance to parents and families seeking necessary appropriate services for the family member.

  • Autism training to businesses and organizations wishing to gain further information about autism.

Meeting Between Colleagues
We Support
Image by Caleb Woods
  • Facilities and/or professionals who are unfamiliar with autism and put them in touch with other professionals able to supplement their efforts.​

  • Development and improvement of new and existing programs.

  • The rights of those with autism to a free and appropriate education, appropriate care and treatment, and the rights of parents and families to obtain appropriate services for their family member with autism.

  • Parents in resolving problems and obtaining appropriate services, or who feel that their family member has been excluded from an appropriate program.

  • We prepare and deliver testimony on all autism-related topics, including those issues that are being litigated or considered for legislative action.

We Innovate
  • Founded a "Higher Contact" program to assist businesses in providing transitional services and pair them with individuals with autism and/or autism organizations.

  • Founded S.P.E.A.K. in 1974, a specialized summer program of education and community awareness building to prevent academic and social regression in children with autism spectrum disorders during summer months.

  • Co-founded, in 2000, the SPECTRUM CHARTER SCHOOL, providing community based school-to-work education and training for students ages 12-21, including those with autism spectrum disorders.

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