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What are K9 Grants?

While other service dog may cost upwards to $25,000, Autism K9 Grants are able to provide a puppy and one year of weekly training for only $7,000. The Autism K9 Grants program eliminates that barrier for the cost of the autism service dogs. This also includes one year of professional service dog training for the autism families.

Autism-Pittsburgh believes in the positive impact autism service dogs provide to each child. Autism service dogs are trained to respond to the child with autism specific needs. These service dogs can be trained in interrupting self-harm actions, social isolation, mood swings, and self-stimulation. Autism Service dogs can help enhance verbal skills by having the child with autism use commands for the dogs. These autism service dogs will also have the ability to find the child in cases of bolting by various methods of tracking.

K9s For Kids

Autism K9 Grants, partners with K9s For Kids founder and owner, Steve Keray, who breeds German Shepherds for this purpose and specializes in trainings designed to handle the challenges that the child may face. K9s For Kids is dedicated to helping us provide the best service dog for the child with autism, as well as for their family.

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