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Raising Autism Awareness with Supportive Resources and Programs

Dedicated to raising autism awareness, we provide vital resources and programs to support families, fostering a more informed and inclusive community.


My Pet Paintings aim to support artists like Tori, who create magical pieces for pet owners, fostering a lasting connection between artists and pet lovers.

Our Plus 21 Autism Golf Program, tailored for individuals on the autism spectrum aged 21 and above. Addressing the need for specialized programming for adults.

S.P.E.A.K. ensures a seamless educational journey for autistic children through extended school year services.

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Azure is committed to breaking barriers for individuals with Autism in concert settings.

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Our support group aims to bridge that gap, offering a helping hand and a compassionate community where no one feels alone. 


We are available to provide a variety of autism trainings, free of charge. Our trainings are available to families, support providers, life coaches and professionals.

KDKA - Talk Pittsburgh

Check out Autism-Pittsburgh's President, Jesse Torisky, and Vice President, Mary Wildman, on KDKA Talk Pittsburgh hosted by Heather Abraham.

Aired Live on March 27, 2023

Click HERE for more information regarding the CDC's estimate of autism  prevalence 1 in 36; written by Vice President Mary Wildman.

About Us

Since 1966, we have been working to advocate for the autism community through information, referral, and programming.

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Autism-Pittsburgh is a free resource for information and referral

of local autism services. Please contact us with any questions you have! 


Autism-Pittsburgh is consistently hosting events and programs for the autism community.

Keep up with all of our events here!

Explore Autism Pittsburgh, a dedicated hub offering valuable resources and support for the autism community.

Autism-Pittsburgh, since its founding in 1966, has had a rather productive existence. Many of the programs and initiatives started here in Pittsburgh have inspired the establishment of similar endeavors far beyond our Western Pennsylvania borders.

Who We Are

Autism Pittsburgh

Autism Pittsburgh

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Mr. Torisky, as President of the Autism-Pittsburgh (AP), does not provide any legal representation to those making inquiries of the AP and no communication from him as ASP President should be interpreted in any way as legal advice in the manner of an attorney-client relationship.  Mr. Torisky, although a licensed attorney, cannot and does not provide legal representation via any contact that he has with the public while serving in his role as President of the AP.  Commentary contained in AP writings authored by Mr. Torisky or any other AP commentary or communication by Mr. Torisky is not intended to and does not constitute legal advice and no attorney-client relationship is formed.

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